Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 4 Letter -- Tuff Week

Week 4 -- Mexico

Another wonderful week here in paradise! We had kind of a bummer week.
First off one of my favorite investigators Catolina can no longer meet
with us. She and her whole family are catholic and her husband told
her we are not allowed to come over any more :(. She took the lessons
so well and was excited every time we visited her. We will see how
things go. She also makes great snacks :). Second another one of our
investigators Fransico saw us walking up towards his house, turned and
ran away. It was kinda rude but hey, nobodys perfect. We had another
baptism this week! Remember Linda (our baptism last week), its her
son. Now her, her son Dyko, Kevin, and now Christopher are members of
the church! Its awesome. Oh my gosh he is the funniest little kid!! I
have never seen this before or even heard about this, but Christopher
our little convert (8 years old) started swimming after his baptism!!
haha it was the funniest thing. He was jumping around splashing,
jumping off the stairs into the font, all while in his white outfit
infront of everyone :D. Elder Zuñiga had no idea what to do haha. On
the bright side. We are preparing another little investigator for
baptism this week. Little Mario turned 8 last week and has been taking
our lessons and his mom want him to be baptized. The Zone Leaders are
getting mad at us because they have to take an hour bus ride every
week for the interviews haha. Hey its also Mexican Independence day
today!!!  ¡Viva Mexico! haha. Last night our neighbors (who is a DJ
for a profession) had a huge party in our parking lot. And apparently
you party until 3 in the morning. So I had to stay up late because a
buch of drunk people were jamming out to some Mexican music all night.
Apperently tonight is supposed to be worse. Because now its fireworks
and guns, so me and Elder Zuñiga are going to retire early to our
house tonight haha. I miss ya all! Cant wait to send some stuff home.
We live really close to a mail service, so I will try to send
something. If you can please email me a copy of MAX TREVAN TREVORs
farewell talks.
Love you all so much!

Con cariño, Elder Parduhn

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