Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 32 (March 31, 2014)


Another wonderful week!!  Yes we had a special zone conference with president Morales. So monday night we headed off at like 5:00 the funny part about our area is that we are so dang far away from everyone haha we had to leave monday night so that we could sleep at the zone leaders house so we could travel again in the morning to Palenque. So we left here at 5:00 and got to the zone leaders house in Tenosique at like 8:00. The ride was sooo cooolll!! we were driving at night and we passed by field full of lightning bugs!!!!! It was the cooolest thing ever!!!! You could see the whole field because of all the green light. So that was pretty fun! We finaly arrived at the zone leaders house. They live in a big city. They also live 4 in a house, so we continued the party. Actually one of my very good friends from the mission Elder Allenback lives there!!! If you remember the first few photos I send home in like september, where there were only 3 of us. That is him haha. We had a blast. The next day we woke up and headed for palenque. It was a bout 3 more hours away. It was a sweet trip though. We pretty much drove through the jungle haha All the mountains, it was so cool. Palenque Is a really cool town, i really want to serve there! So about the special conference. It was really just help on our teaching skill. We did an activity. We had to pull someone off the street and bring them into the chapel. then we had to teach them lesson 1 with alot of different resources, While president was filming us!!!! Ya it was nerve racking!! but our lesson turned out really good!!! We got this lady to commit to baptism haha. The best part is, is that she was taking notes our whole lesson. haha What a great new investigator haha. then after we all finished president plugged his camera into a projector so that all the other missionaries could pick us apart haha. That was his Idea. Good thing the projector didnt work that day haha. Then after we ate with president and traveled back to the zone leaders house to sleep. then we came back home the next day. That was pretty much my week. I havent been able to leave the house for a few days. Mom Dont Worry All Is Well. Just an ingrown toenail that got infected haha in both my feet haha. So the doctor gave me some medicine and told me that I cant leave the house and walk around all day. Now that the infection is gone, I think they are going to cut the nail off haha I have no Idea, the doctors appointment is tonight I will let ya know. So my week has been studying, card games, and jokes hahah. It has been a sweet week. Not much else has happed a pretty normal week. :)

Love you all soo much!! I hope you enjoy this letter it is a little longer haha.

Elder Parduhn

Here are a few people that he had to say good bye to from his first area that he had been serving there for 81/2 months::

This is in his new area!

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