Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 33 (April 7, 2014)


Another short letter this week, I didn’t do very much haha. First off it is so weird that everyone is engaged! It is going to be so weird when I come back home!! oh well.

Yes they did cut off about half of the nail. To be honest the doctors down here really don’t know what they are doing. The good part is that it is really cheap hahah. The doctor numbed my toe so that was good, but getting a shot in your toe really hurts and to make it even better the needle broke off in my toe and was sticking out haha. Don’t worry we took pictures with the doctors cell phone haha. After about an hour of digging around in both toes, she finally finished haha. Good thing she is our neighbor because the whole operation was free :) missionary life is sweet. Then came the bad part, I had to stay in the house for another 4 days :(. After a while it gets really boring. I did read all of Mathew in a day :) Conference was sweet but it took us so much to get it to work here!! I’ll send y’all the picture. Conference was so sweet!!! This has been one of the most powerful one I have ever heard!!! I’m downloading it all right now so that I can study it in English this whole week!!!!! Can’t wait. I don’t know if Dad told you but there was a super cool talk in the priesthood session about the priesthood and women which was really cool. If you can find the time you should really watch it!!

Not that much happened this week haha.

Love you all tons!!!!! Elder Parduhn

Hunter handing out paracord bracelets that Zack made before he left on his mission!!

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