Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 34 (April 14, 2014)

He is throwing away all the coffee!! yuck!!


Don't worry about the toes, they are fully healed. haha I miss the weather back home. Ya no it is hotter that 100 degrees where I am at. YOU ARE PAINTING the house??? Send me photos please. All the big changes are happening while I am gone, geeez. Kaden cut his hair? why? haha about this friend that you talked to. His name is Ruben, he is a member and one of my greatest friends from my other area. He thought that you were my sister. haha. He is really cool. Ill keep an eye out for the package thanks mom! I will probably get it next month when we travel to Tenosique. Ya they don't have Easter here, but the are starting ''Holy week'' It is a tradition from the catholic church, It is like spring break but they focus on the death of Christ. Tell Brittany not to worry about the language. I was really scared too, but it only comes with time and patience. When is Kelly's farewell?? I wish I could be there. How did the Johnson family thing go??? They sent me an email last week about that and I think that is really neat. That new restaurant is so cool!! You need to take a photo of the menu, I want to see what food they serve. And tell them that you have a son there in Palenque haha.

Here it was kinda a normal week. It is really hot here!! Good thing our area is too big so we don’t have to walk too much. First off we are failing our mission. There is a girl in our branch that leaves on her mission this week, but a returned missionary proposed to her and so now she doesn’t want to leave. That was our main battle this week, I am pretty sure we have lost that battle. Our investigators are doing really good. The only problem is that they don't want to give up the alcohol. So that is the problem. We do have one that came to church yesterday and she told her friend that she wants to be baptized, so we might have a baptism here soon. Good News. WE ARE MARRYING A COUPLE THIS WEEK! I'm like super excited. I am going to be a witness at their wedding ;) The branch president has been working with them, and last night we had a powerful lesson and now they want to get married! The lesson went like this,

First off we started with an activity, we blindfolded them and tied one of their legs together, then we put up like a path with string. Then we put like a bunch of stuff for them to trip on haha. Sooooo They had to work together as a 'team' to make it through the course, it was so funny. Then we had a super spiritual lesson.
Also this week was zone conference so Tuesday morning we got up at 5:00 to make our way to tenosique, funny thing is, is that the cumbi '10 seater van' was broken so we had to take a very expensive uncomfortable taxi ride for 4 hours to tenosique haha. It was a super cool conference though. I've got a bunch of friends in this zone haha. That was pretty much our week.
ohh if you can please send up prayers for my friend Elder Guzman, his father just recently passed away. Thanks.

I love you all so much, hope you have a wonderful week!

He loves little things just like his mom!!

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