Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 35 (4/21/14)


To be honest I didn’t even know that Easter was this week. It is another thing they don’t have here. But I hope all went very well back home, and that everyone enjoyed it! What is the hope of America thing?? Sounds like it was fun. How was the farewell?? She is going to do so great. Josey Hartman got baptized?? That is so cool that she got baptized! Was it missionaries? Ya don’t worry about the Earthquake, it happened in Mexico City. It is really far away because I am on the boarder of Guatemala. Actually my companion is from there. His mom was telling all the stuff that happened. They said that it wasn’t too bad.

We had a very sad week, but there were alot of blessings. So the wedding never happened this week which was a little sad. They fought sooooooo much it’s not even funny, we Dr. Phil´ed them so much, but they continued to fight and then told us yesterday that they aren’t going to get married after all, so that was pretty sad. This week was really a hard week. Because it was like spring break down here, and because we live in a tiny town, everyone left on vacations. Literally there was no one here this week. Also all the youth from the whole mission went to EFY almost into my other area.

This week we were able to borrow a members tricycle to get around faster, as we were doing this a group of men came and robbed my companions scripture case and everything that was in it. So we spent that day just looking around the city for them.

Now for the good part. We were able to put 5 baptismal dates this week! We asked like 6 of our investigators and 5 accepted!! We are so excited!!! This week was full of bad and good which was really cool.

President Morales and his family came yesterday too. He was supposed to come at 3rd hour, so we put sacrament last so he could talk. He didn’t end up showing up until like 5 haha. So all the youth that went to EFY got up and shared their testimonies. It was really cool! Then finally President showed up. So we had a special meeting at the church. He explained alot about ward missionary work. I think that things are going to get alot better here. I love when president comes. He and his family are so cool. After we stayed and chatted with them for a bit.

I love you all tons!! Have a wonderful week!!
Elder Parduhn

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